Session 0: Intro and blog setup

by richgazan

Welcome to the Spring 2013 semester, and to ICS 669 Social Computing.  This first week will be dedicated to setup and housekeeping, though you will have a few deliverables.

    • As soon as possible: Bookmark this course blog.  Read the syllabus thoroughly, to make sure you understand the content and expectations of the course.  Click through a few readings to get a sense of what we’ll be covering.  Email me with any questions, at gazan(at)
    • By Friday January 11: Create a blog for this class (don’t use an existing blog), and post a short paragraph about yourself and what you hope to get out of the course.  Use a consistent pseudonym or handle–you need not make your real identity public–but email me individually so I know which student is writing which blog.  Make sure you set up your blog to allow unmoderated comments once a user has had one comment approved.  Post a link to your blog as a comment to this post.
    • By Sunday January 13: Subscribe to all other students’ blogs (this should be around 14-18 people).  Post a brief comment on every other student’s blog (“hi” or an emoticon is fine, this is just to allow the blog owner to approve your initial comment so that all others can be posted without moderation).  Approve all comments on your blog.  Past students suggest that adjusting your settings to receive a notification when follow-up comments are posted in response to comments you have posted on others’ blogs allows for optimal management of multiple conversations, which will be critical in this course.

Session 1 will begin Monday January 14.